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I think we all bring out something in one another. We’ve become friends, we’ve learned about each other’s lives in different ways and our characters have grown with us. The relationships we’ve formed are unique with each individual.” -Lana Parrilla

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"you’ll get ink poisoning"

haha funny thing is, its actually impossible to get ink poisoning this way. the only way to get sick with ink is to eat around 16 pens full of ink to even be slighty harmful

when I was a kid, I actually ate the ink of a pen or two. Worried, my parents called animal control. Turns out that pens are soy based, so you really can’t get sick from eating them. That doesn’t mean you should try though.

Wait, why did your parents call animal control?

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After years living in the real world with Henry, Emma and Isobel, their now 6 year old daughter, Regina finds a way of somehow telling her about their story. Emma overhears them.

And THIS is the point of Swan Queen. It is NOT about sex. The idea that a large group of people saw the connection and beauty in a story between two women would simply be about overt sexualization is an insult to women, women in love, these characters, Swan Queen and intelligent people who want equality for all.

The point is redemption of the “Evil Queen”. The full circle of love between Snow and Regina - two iconic characters in world mythos. The point is the power of love and family.

Yes, sex may be a part of that, like every relationship, but to merely oversexualize that to a same sex female pairing is a male fantasy meant to degrade.

Swan Queen is about so much more.

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